Friday, March 12, 2004

Did a short hike today: Treasure Loop Trail out at Lost Dutchman. There's a brief steep section, and some unmarked braiding, but overall an easy trail. A great view from the top of Apache Junction and whatever those moutains are just west of the Superstitions. Going back down the north side of the loop there was a welcome breeze, and a scattering of Mexican gold poppies.

I made a disappointing trial of my Sony Vaio, the 3-lb laptop that I bought for writing. Took it out in the sunlight at the top of the trail - the screen was pitch black. After getting back home and while talking to the tech on the phone, I discovered how to set the relative brightness of the screen while running on batteries. Turns out the factory default was 1 (on a scale 1-9). Oops. Now it's looking much better.

Anyway, I got a start on a story this afternoon, did a little gardening, played the piano. The jury's still out on this compressed work week. I like the 3-day weekends, but the 9-hour days leave me with eyes like fried eggs.


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