Thursday, March 18, 2004

Wow! Everything's in bloom out back, including some penstemons I bought last year at Boyce Thompson and haven't seen in bloom yet. One of them has huge, light pink flowers, almost as big as a foxglove. The tomatoes have taken a hit from this sudden heat almost as soon as I put them out, but there are 15 left and I think about a dozen should make it. The irrigation system definitely needs some help - I'm getting way too much drip at the faucet and the water isn't getting delivered to the end of the line where the corn is.

1001 Nights has gotten old again (I'm halfway through book 3), so I'm putting it aside to read Steven Brust's The Lord of Castle Black. I'm intrigued by the cover. Why does Morollan look like he's suffering through a requirements review with a long-winded systems lead and no coffee?


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