Friday, June 18, 2004

As the Cassettes Go Rolling Along

The new floor for the computer room is coming in Wednesday, which means I've got to get everything moved out of here, including the computer. It also means clearing out the closet where amongst other things I store all my product, and therein lies the rub. See, when I produced my first two albums, CDs were just beginning to become popular. In fact, when Anchored to the Wind came out the only other person releasing filk on CD was Leonard Zubkoff, on his spanking-new Dandelion Digital label. So I ordered my pressings half-CD and half-cassette. As a consequence, today I have huge cartons of unsaleable cassettes taking up space in my closet. I'm tempted to throw them on eBay as a lot and see if I get any bids. Or maybe I could find some gallery space, and set them up as an installation...


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