Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I was going to head up for Europa's concert and CD-release party at Fidd's on Sunday, but I wound up and Pete & Donna's pool party instead, demonstrating my snorkeling technique for Sierra's edification. I have to re-read that section of my Open Water textbook - I had to blow air out of my lungs to reduce my bouyancey enough to stop floating to the surface, and that doesn't sound like the best method when you're not carrying a tank of air with you.

...At work, a pair of mourning doves have built a nest inbetween the pigeon-prongs on the ledge just outside the reflective window overlooking the cafeteria patio. Everyone's been making special trips to the back hall to look at the mother and her chicks, inches away on the other side of the glass. Less than two weeks since they hatched, and today, nearly full-grown, the two of them were perched in a pine tree a few yards away! No wonder doves don't put a lot of effort into building their nests.

Everyone who sent me links to your blog, I promise I will get them on this page sometime after I get the computer back into the computer room and out of its current non-OSHA-compliant configuration. They're installing the floor tomorrow, huzzah!


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You can weight yourself to neutral buoyancy when snorkeling, pretty much the same as you do on scuba.
Though I doubt you brought a weight belt to a pool party.

By Blogger Patrick Connors, at 9:17 AM  

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