Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The new wood laminate floor is in the computer room - hoorah! It looks really nice - I chose a distressed wood finish, one with a lot of light and dark contrast in the grain. It took 6-1/2 hours for the installers to grind the cement foundation down to deal with the huge subsidence crack on this side of the house. (The salesman didn't even put this on his work order to the sub, despite my instistence that I had experience with getting work done on the same crack in the spare room, and it wasn't trivial.) So, the room looks great, but moving the furniture, computer, etc. back in there is going to have to wait until after Westercon...

Jeff & Maya are in town, having just arrived on their raod trip via Sedona. I'm getting together with Jeff tomorrow evening to talk some Serious Planning for the Stardust County CD.


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