Saturday, July 10, 2004

I guess we're not going to have rolling blackouts today, since it's 2:00 and there's nada on the AZ Republic's website. I've got my UPS hooked back up, just in case. A fire on July 4 knocked out a substation in Sun City, cutting the Valley's power supply by almost a quarter, and it'll be until next summer before they get it operating at full capacity. Apparently you can't just drive down to Home Depot and pop couple of these transformers in the back of your SUV. So the evergy conservation tips are everywhere; people are drying clothes on the line, stores have half their lights turned off, and manufacturing plants are switching to night shifts so they're not pulling power in peak hours. It's too bad it takes something this dramatic to get people thinking about electric power as a finite resource.

Thursday before the con Jeff & I got together to do some ahead planning for the Stardust County CD. With all the prep that needs to be done, plus his other projects, I'll probably be going out to Nevada City late in the fall to lay down the basic guitar, piano, and vocal tracks. Between now and then I'm setting up the scratch tracks, some of them using Sibelius' ability to take a written score and pump out a MIDI file. Probably around February we should be ready to start bringing the rest of the cast in. As to that, I'm very pleased to announce that Blake Hodgetts has agreed to take on the part of the Sheriff, so now the cast is almost complete...

I've been making brief forays into the back yard today to yank a few weeds and quickly retreat to the shade. It's hotter than hell out there, but I can't stand to look at that old dead stuff anymore.


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