Friday, September 03, 2004


There were a few spatters of rain on my windshield as I drove home today. I was just pulling into the neighborhood when the severe thunderstorm watch came over the radio. Tempe, Chandler.... but they didn't mention Mesa. The first clap of thunder came as I was getting the mail, then the torrential downpour, then a terrific wind, the worst I've seen here in the daytime (the storm that tore shingles off the roof some years back happened at night), whipping around the trees. The neighbor's eucalyptus was churning so violently I was sure that one of the branches was going to snap off. In about fifteen minutes the storm was over, and the trellises next to my front walkway were facedown on top of the front walkway - the wires holding them to the wall had snapped or come loose. After getting myself drenching wet, I concluded that there was no way I'd get them propped back up without cutting the coral vine all the way back. Oh well, it was overdue for cutting anyway, and with this rain it'll come right back. By the time I'd finished the clouds had cleared enough to let the sun through, and the brief cool period was over.

All this for a quarter-inch of rain.


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