Monday, September 20, 2004

Wholly Freaking Cow!

Early in 2003 I sent a claim form to the TSA for 2 belts that went missing from my TSA-inspected luggage between Ottawa and Phoenix. (I don't think anyone stole them; they probably just fell out and got kicked under a counter.) This was in the early days of the TSA, when they didn't have things quite worked out, and my claim form was about a fifth-generation xerox of a form intended to report damaged luggage. Later that year I read an article saying they would only pay on claims where the traveller could produce the receipt for the missing item (!), so as I'd received to answer I figured that was it.

Out of the blue today I get a letter from the TSA saying they're comping me the full amount on my claim! Yeah, I know, believe it when the check clears. But it's nice to get totally unexpected good news.


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