Sunday, October 10, 2004

This has been an afternoon of small exasperations. I packed some slob's beer cans and discarded batteries out of Peralta Canyon, only to discover there's no trash can at the trailhead parking lot - so I had to take his stinky garbage back home to throw it out. At home, I discovered a huge sugar ant colony when I went to move a planter to continue laying stones for the new patio, so that work has to wait until the Orkin guy re-schedules my appointment. Finally, I discover that Lamps Plus sold me the wrong-size lightbulb yesterday, despite the markings on the box being the same, so now I have to drive, again, way the hell north to the worst-designed shopping center in Arizona, i.e. the Scottsdale Pavillions. Hint: Make sure the lighting fixture you buy doesn't require exotic lightbulbs before you take it home.


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