Sunday, October 03, 2004

Just got back from the Prescott Folk Festival; enough time to turn around an re-pack before I head off to MSP tomorrow for work. Prescott as always was beatiful, and refreshingly cool. Saturday morning I played hookey from the Festival and went off to hike Thumb Butte Trail. Though my source listed it as a "moderate" hike, it's actually pretty easy -- unless you ignore the instructions saying to go counter-clockwise around the loop and take the deosil route instead, which takes you up the steep switchbacks of the east side. You can see the damage done by the bark beetles, but there's still a lovely smell of pines all the way along the trail and great views of the Prescott Valley.

At Sharlott Hall Musuem they've spruced up the Exhibit Hall venue; gone is the irregular room lined with cases of stuffed animals. The room's been enlarged and a quarter-circle stage put in one corner and a sound system added. It was great fun doing the songwriter's circle in the new room, and I could feel the audience with me for all of my songs. My favorite "new to me" band from the Festival: The Kiwanis Jug Band.


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