Saturday, November 13, 2004

I went out to Usery Park and did my last hike before Peru, Pass Mountain Trail. It's a pretty non-strenuous trail, at least if you follow the book I was using and take it deosil, but at 7.7 miles I think I got some good exercise. Then back to Sprouts for a chair massage. I also made what I hope is my last run to REI - had to buy a new pair of convertible pants, which were luckily on sale, when the zipper on my old pair started coming apart. This is when I discovered that I'm back down to a size 10. Not that this was a goal; more a pleasant side effect.

From the dearth of recent posts, this blog might give the impression that I'm slacking off on Stardust County; this is only halfway true. The rest of my life has been getting in the way recently. Progress on Stardust County Line has been slow partially because of other obligations (like my day job) and partially because I'm just getting tired of churning out piano music. Next arrangement I tackle will be one of the songs with no piano if I can help it.

The problem is, this whole project has taken on overwhelming dimensions. The more sheet music I churn out, the more I'm starting to realize that the number of recording sessions we have sketched out is not going to cut it. The schedule as a whole is on hold due to Jeff's current state of limbo, which is probably just as well given that half the arrangements aren't done yet. Stardust County's release date has always been "when it's damn good and ready", but I did have a tentative date in mind to correspond with a major convention, and I'm thinking now that that's not going to happen.


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