Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I initially wasn't going to vent my PVFM (Post-Vacation Foul Mood) here, but then I figured what's a blog for, so here it is: Mesa is cold, dark, damp, and drizzley. There's no food in the house. While I was gone, some neighborhood kid rode their bike through my front yard, smashing the easter lily cacti. Work still sucks. And worst of all:

There are many shops in Cuzco that will download your camera's memory card to CD, so you can clear it and go on snapping. I'm sure that most of them are fine compentant businesses where you don't need to hover over the person's shoulder like a hawk, making sure they do the job right. The shop I chose was not. Upon arriving home, I discovered that they had only downloaded the first 60 photos - meaning that the 200 or so I took at Pisac and on the Inca Trail are gone forever. Yes, I should've found some way to check the disc in Cuzco, thank you very much, Captain Hindsight. While I was sobbing brokenly over my keyboard yesterday morning, the cats came in and told me they loved me very much. It would be nice to think they were sympathetic, but they were probably just looking for a lap.

So... what's to do? I can incorporate my fellow Inca Trailer's photos into my slide show - thank the Holy Ones for email and photo sharing. I'm also going to jot down a written account of my experience on the Trail, which I'll expand and eventaully post either here or over on my main website.

I really did have a great time, guys. That's why it's so hard coming back down.


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