Monday, January 10, 2005

Every move you make, every lamp you break...

I came home this evening expecting to do my usual monthly hunt-for-stuff-the-housekeepers-put-away-while-tidying-up, to discover my devil-cat/angel-cat pair - two statuettes that hold votive candles - had been re-arranged. One was facing the wall, and the other had a sheet of toilet paper draped over its face. Apparently someone doesn't like being watched! Maybe they were feeling guilty, after breaking the light fixture in my entryway. The manager called to say that he'd be out tomorrow trying to find a replacement globe for the fixture. I'm almost temped to tell him not to bother, and replace it with something with a little more character, or at least a design that doesn't require two people to change a light bulb. I'm skeptical that he'll be able to find a replacement; it's original equipment to the house, which is 20 years old now.

Fun Peruvian Fact:
On its domestic flights, LAN Peru caters to an international clientele by showing "silent" comedy and variety short features - therefore no need for subtitles.


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