Wednesday, January 26, 2005

First the Valley's gasoline supply breaks down. Then two substations burn and everyone has to turn their thermostats up until a new transformer can be delivered from Washington. Then the gas supply is shut down again. Now everyone in Phoenix is being told to boil their water and avoid showering because most of the city's water plants are either out of commission or offline for maintenance.

This place is coming apart at the seams.
I heard a rumor at the Songwriter's Gathering that the Phoenix Folk Festival might not be held in Encanto Park this year, due to rennovations being made at the park. That'll be a first, at least during the almost ten years that I've been going to the Festival. Encanto has a nice ambience, expecially in March, with inside & outside venues, and the folkies mixing with the birthday parties, wedding receptions, and geese out on the lawns. At Andy Hurlbut's "Inspiration in Songwriting" circle on Saturday, one of the songwriters, egged on by the rest of us, started a song with a ruanchy chorus - but keeping the volume down due to the wedding party having photos taken across the courtyard. Alas, it was for naught; just as we reached the audience-participation part (yelling "you bitch!"), I glanced up to see a flower girl and smiling papa who had come over to listen to the pretty music. Needless to say, the chorus suddenly became an instrumental at that point.
Tomorrow I have to sit and listen via telecon to a 10-hour meeting being held in Minnesota.
At least I didn't have to fly there.
Rain today! Rain tonight! Hurrah!


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I talked to Lon Austin and the show, in fact, WILL go on in Encanto Park on March 19/20--we may just be moved around a bit. Park restructuring of funds appears to be the problem (what it boils down to is that unlike previous years, anything that's set up Saturday morning has to be taken down Saturday night, as the park no longer can supply security). I know after talking with Andy Hurlbut that I'm on the outdoor stage Saturday at 1 p.m.


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