Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dude, I'm getting a Dell!

After months of flaky behavior, my Pavillion has pulled of the Information Superhighway on the exit to Hose-up City, and I'm admitting that it's time to offload all my data before it's irrvocably lost in a non-bootable brick, and upgrade to a new machine. Thank the Holy Ones I've been doing all my Startust County work on a quaranteened laptop. The timing for these shenanegans is pants - I need to be getting ready for Consance - but I can't install new programs or change settings on the old ones because the Registry has become corrupt. I blame Hollywood.

On the bright side, inbetween cloudbursts I've been dashing out to the garden, and transplanted the tomato seedlings outside. I put a shade cloth over to keep the rain from beating them up as they're still pretty fragile. I also planted some corn, one variety called "early and often" and the other a red variety whose name escapes me.

This blog will probably be pretty inactive for the next couple weeks until I finish the migration, but barring disaster I should still be picking up email.


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Oog. Sympathies.

I bought an Apple iBook - this was a planned purchase - and while it was grabbing its initial set of updates as part of set-up, I turned to my increasingly flaky HP machine to play with complicated special effects. That machine locked up solid within five minutes and has not successfully booted since.

Fortunately, I backed it all up fairly recently. A new motherboard, processor and memory is all it needs.

Chris says the old machine is just jealous of the Apple.

By Blogger Patrick Connors, at 2:55 PM  

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