Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Consonance certainly pulled me out of a deep funk! It's been about an aeon since I stayed up so late at an open filk, and I only pumpkinned at 2:30 because I knew I had to be up and packed before checkout time Sunday. Lotsa fun, you bet! And Cthulu too.

Harmony Heifers is almost out - there was a pre-release party in the con suite, and one day soon I hope to hear the trio's version of Leather Pants of Evil without the overwhelming ambient party noise. Ditto Joe Bethancourt's Great Big Way Out There, featuring my The Overland Stage, which was released last week.

Question of the day; should I:
(a) buy a kit and try to fix the toilet in the guest bath
(b) buy a kit and hire a handyman to fix the toilet in the guest bath
(c) buy a new toilet and hire a plumber to install it, like the last time I tried to fix one of the creaky old toilets in this house.


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