Friday, April 08, 2005

Hackberry Spring
Today I made my first hike from the First Water Trailhead north of Lost Dutchman Park. It's a nice area, and not busy at all on a Friday morning, so I saw a lot of wildlife: cottontail rabbits, quail, groud squirrels, something vaguely stoat-like with a reddish coat, quail, cardinals, and the usual Sonoran birdlife. However, despite otherwise very good directions from HikeArizona, I never found Hackberry Spring, which, considering it's a pipe sticking out from a cliff face, is probably no great loss. I went as far as a saddle on Boulder Canyon Trail with a great view of Canyon Lake before turning back.
Note to self: 5 miles on ankle-turning scrabble is nothing like 5 miles on flat, sandy trail. Pack more snacks.
P.S. It is getting too freaking hot to be hiking routes with no shade.


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