Sunday, May 22, 2005

Batten Down the Coolers

Yesterday it hit 105 degrees here in Mesa, a few degrees cooler than Phoenix, and today it's forcast to reach 110. This wouldn't be so unusual -- if it were August! Nevertheless I had a decent turnout at the housefilk last night, with a little over a dozen people showing up. Much more than that in this weather and I'd definitely have to switch from impulse to warp drive (aka from the swamp to the heat pump).


My garden is now producing vast quantities of tomoatoes! Well, at the moment they're mostly green tomatoes. The firstripe ones I've gotten have been tiny yellow cherries from a plant that sprung up at the edge of the patio, in full sun, with no water source whatsoever. Go figure. In my actual garden the Sunmasters are starting to ripen, but have a horrible case of blossom-end rot. I have some goo that's supposed to prevent that, but didn't dig it out of the shed this year. A bunch of the Brown Berry tomatoes are almost ripe. And there are some Cherokee Purples that, while still green, are absolutely massive, much bigger than any tomato I've managed to grow in Arizona. I think the rains and mild weather earlier this year, along with getting a shade cloth over the garden early on, have really helped.

Oh, and I still have atrichokes out the wazoo.


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