Saturday, May 07, 2005

Quick Break

I have one song left to transcribe for Stardust County, and a bunch of changes I want to make to the existing orchestration. I have three in-progress stories on my laptop. Bits of paper with bits of poetry and song lyrics are scattered throughout the house. I'm experiencing the flood after a long drought, and I can't pursue any of the streams this weekend because I'm studying for the ISSEP exam on monday. Double arghh.

This morning no less than three cactus wrens were noisily attacking the solar oven in my backyard. I'd left it set up overnight after clouds thwarted my attempt to cook lunch yesterday. The little buggers saw their reflections in the outspread panels and were accordingly outraged.


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Yay for the wrens!

Unpacking, I found my old "Stardust" sheet music and CD from my brief sojourn as Rosa. I don't think I mentioned how INCREDIBLY flattered I was when you asked me, considering how long it had been since I had performed anywhere! The whole "tumor in the throat" thing is How Shirley's Life Works, and I've stopped expending energy getting bitter; finding the music brought back nice warm memories.

By Blogger brianna, at 9:34 AM  

Nancy, what kind of Solar Oven do you have? I found an offer for one Solar Chef for $125. If it's the same Solar Chef I think it is (played with one in the 1970's) It's good quality and worth it.

By Anonymous jfulkerson@gaiagate.com, at 4:37 PM  

It's a "Sun Oven", made by "Sun Ovens International". The interior's kind of small and it rarely gets hotter than 350, but that's a good temp for bread, cookies, and frozen food. Beats heating up the house in summer.

By Blogger Nancy, at 6:50 PM  

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