Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mmmmm, Toasty!

I just went out to look at the sunset; the Cave Creek complex fire has left a huge plume of purple smoke over the northwest Valley, turning the last rays of the sun into an odd shade of pink where it strikes the walls. Here in the east the smoke is still smellable, but at least we've got clear sky overhead. Reminds me of the fire they had out in the Globe area eight or so years ago. The smoke from that one totally filled the Valley, blotting out the sun completely for several days. I was working in a closed area fairly deep in the bowels of the plant, but the entire place still smelled like barbeque.

Omega's biopsy came back negative for everything, which is good because it means he doesn't have cancer, but we don't know what is his problem. We can't go on indefinitely with me giving him anti-nausea injections and him eating little dabs of baby food.

In answer to Keith's comment on my last post, Concertino will be held in Worcester, MA. You can find more info here. Sorta. (The website for 2006 is still under construction.)


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