Wednesday, July 27, 2005

When I said I was OK before I really wasn't, but now I think I finally am. Saturday I picked up Omega's ashes at the vet's, and drove down to Friends for Life to drop off his unused medicine and dry food. I still miss him horribly, especially first thing in the morning, when he used to dance on my pillow and burble loudly about how happy he was. (It would help if things would pick up a bit at work, so I didn't have time to brood. And let me add as a footnote, scheduling a home rennovation project in the middle of this was a spectacularly bad idea.) Peaseblossom, who spent about a week of nothing but lying on the bed and crying for me to pet her, is back to her normal activity level, hunting bugs and staring out the window at birds and the neighborhood cats, but still gets quite lonely during the day judging by the decibels when I get home.

Keith and Carrie have had an abandoned cat hanging out in their yard for a couple months; he seems good-tempered and friendly and if he checks out at the vet I'll be bringing him home tomorrow to see how well he gets along with Peasie.


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