Wednesday, August 10, 2005

2-1/4 inches again last night. If you're keeping track, that means in my little microclimate at least, we've had more than half the average annual rainfall within what, two weeks? One? Ever seen pictures of some Midwestern floodplain, with the mud and debris everywhere? That's what my back yard looks like this morning - without the rowboats or neighbor's shed having floated in, although that's what I'm expecting next.

What I want to know is, why was there a lake on McKellips between Country Club and the river crossing yesterday? You'd think that, since the river bed is lower and, you know, a river bed, that the water would have flowed downhill. Instead it congregated in front of the auto body shop and whatever that drive-through burger place is and threatened to set all vehicles in the right and center lanes afloat.

Oh well. The cacti are fat and happy, and the rain sage are bursting with buds. And I've got a zillion little weed seedlings to pull.


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