Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blind Nude Pool Volleyball

The Holt Anniversary party may have been more sedate last night than in years gone past - no fire dancers and no body-painting - but I enjoyed just sitting around and talking with old friends. The food wasn't bad either. (I was pleased at how the felafel mix I was trying for the first time turned out.) Barry was there with goodies, looking good considering his recent illness. Do I know anyone who's healthy anymore?
As things were starting to wind down I headed over to Chris' place for the end of a relaxed and rather silly housefilk. It was 1:30 when I got home, the latest I've been out in a long time. Miraculously, Peaseblossom let me sleep in to a fairly obscene hour this morning.

Peasie on the 'Nip

Her attitude has improved significantly since I dug out some toys on Friday. One of them is this huge catnip-stuffed rat, almost as big as she is, that both cats ignored when I bought it years ago. She doesn't so much play with it as occasionally go over and bite it with a good shake. She's also discovered the 'nip-infused scratching pad that had beome Omega's domain. Yep, nothing like drugs to help you through an emotionally difficult time.


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