Sunday, September 11, 2005

Burn the toast and boil the tea; you can't take the pie from me...

I had way too interesting a drive home from Coppercon last night. Coming down I-17, I'm just about ready to take the I-10 off-ramp when I see the sign warning that I-10 east tunnel is closed. Huh. Didn't see anything about that on the way up. But there's no other way to the east valley at this point, and traffic's pretty light at 12:30, so I plug along. Sure enough, at 7th Ave we all have to get off the freeway and take an extended tour of Phoenix's red light district. Finally back on the freeway, I realize the detour has completely bypassed the Loop 202 offramp, dammit! Thinking quickly (for 1:00 in the morning) I take the Sky Harbor exit and detour through the airport, knowing that an east exit dumps out onto the 202. That's about as deserted as I've ever seen the airport; I think it's about as late at night as I've seen it, though it seems to me that on one of those Ottawa trips I got out to the curb around midnight.

The AZ Republic had a nice bunch of articles on the new Mesa Arts Center in its Sunday edition, one of them lamenting the lack of sit-down restaurants downtown in the MAC area. One would-be restaurantuer was quoted as saying that Mesa needed to provide more incentives to prospective restaurants. Hunh? Getting in on the ground floor with a built-in clientele- the theater and concert crowd - isn't enough incentive to open a business?


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