Saturday, November 19, 2005

I was out in Massachusetts this week, another business trip. When I was getting on the freeway to head back to Logan Airport, I noticed a sign at the on-ramp saying "Breakdown lane in use", with a baffling list of days and times. The bell didn't go off until I was actually on the freeway, and saw cars zipping by on the shoulder. So Boston deals with traffic by letting people drive on the shoulder during rush hour! Somehow I can't see that going over here in Phoenix - it'd be a matter of minutes before some yahoo on his cell smashed into some guy changing a tire at 90 mph.

Since this was a quick turnaround, I didn't get to see much of the surrounding area except from the air. Even so, the fall foliage was spectacular, with lots of reds. One cold weather front was just just ending its sweep across the country, so it was solid clouds out the plane window for the first few hours out of Newark. Somewhere over the plains states the cloud cover disappeared, revealing snowy white farmscape.

Speaking of Newark, I'd like to take the persons responsible for the perpetration of the quaint and antiquated notion that an hour (or less) is still sufficient time to make a connecting flight and drop them in NWK or LAX or some other airport where you need to book it down a never-ending terminal, out past the security checkpoint to catch a bus or train to a terminal at the other end of the airport, go through security again... and don't get me started on international connections. ...I spent 2-1/2 hours in Newark because the only alternative connection was a scant 50 minutes.


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If you think the foliage was great, you should see it in a good year. My sister, who lives out Boston way, was complaining how poor a showing it was because of the fierce weather knocking off so many leaves before they really turned.

By Anonymous The Keith, at 6:16 AM  

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