Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me
Yesterday was my birthday. I broke out some of the gift certificates my employer now gives as bonuses instead of cash, and treated myself to dinner at Mosaic. 45 seems so much more... August than 44.

V-day assignment
Never touch the stuff myself, but here's my latest lyric-spinning assignment in belated honor of Valentine's Day.

Take a song in which the word "life" appears, and replace it with "wife".

Example: "You light up my wife"

The sincerest form of flattery
I've got Iran all figured out. They're just a bunch of USA-wannabees. First they say that no stupid ol' U.N. committee can tell them what to do. Then they rename a popular fast food in a nationalist snit. Hey Shirley, Jan, this sounds like a good basis for a (comedy) bellydance routine!


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I noticed that years ago with the word," Jews." Use it anywhere the word "You" appears in a song:

Jews Light Up My Life

She Loves Jews (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

P.S. I Love Jews

Jews Got It



By Blogger Tom, at 7:33 AM  

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