Sunday, March 05, 2006

I finished up planting the second vegetable bed this weekend: Ruby Queen sweet corn, liana (yard long) beans, St. Nick Christmas melon, Sungold casaba melon, Revenue Hybrid zucchini, Red Kurl squash ("makes outrageous pies"), and butternut squash (seeds taken from a squash I bought at the Farmer's Market). I threw in some sunflower seeds at the edge of the bed for fun. We'll see what comes up. Some of the seed packets are getting rather old, time to do a purge.

The backyard is blooming, and the weather was so nice this weekend. Now that the planting's all done I'm looking forward to spending next weekend at home just enjoying the yard, maybe doing a little puttering.

Some sad news - Udupi Cafe, arguably the best vegetarian restaurant in the Valley and the only place I know of I could get paneer shahi korma and badam halwa with pistachio ice cream, has apparently gone belly-up. I haven't been to the building to check, but in past weeks when I've called for take-out there's been no answer and a recorded message that the voicemailbox is full.

Tom asked in a comment to an earlier post about the new blog name. Since I'm moving Stardust County news to my Livejournal, I thought a name change was in order. "Eanna" in Sumerian mythology is the home of Inanna, Queen of Heaven, one of the major dieties - so yeah, a little pretentious but it'll do until I think of something more apropos.


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