Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am stressing big time over this remodel. The entire kitchen/dining area is unusable and covered in dust, much of the rest of the house is unusable because I have kitchen stuff piled up there, I still have no sink, and the guy in charge of the whole project keeps giving me egregiously optimistic dates for when they're going to get the cabinets installed, which have been taking up half my garage since Tuesday. I really hate to ride contractors, but this guy's a flake about returning my calls and letting me know what's going on, it's almost as if he expects me to call him constantly. Anyone who's gone through a major remodel, is this typical? Did I pick the wrong company? A bit late now if I did.

So yesterday they demo'd the old cabinets and installed the new window. Today they pulled up the Saltillo tile where the new breakfast bar is going. My first reaction when I came home this evening was holy crap, when did the kitchen get so big? Probably after I picked out what I wanted for my cabinets. If I'm sussing the final layout correctly from the tealeaves of early construction, the whole TV viewing area is going to be not smaller but gone. The only other wall I can hang the TV is in the music room, and I have no frakkin' clue where I'll fit the yellow loveseat, let alone the exercise machine! Oh well, we'll take that as it comes. My main concern now is that with everything behind schedule they'll either want to work this Saturday, or I will be too exhausted from tearing my hair to make the drive to TusCon Friday night. I want my sink back, dammit! And my dishwasher, which is currently sitting, full of dirty dishes, in the garage.

Meantime, my kitties are greeting me at the door each evening, crying "WTF?" Peasie's eyes are doing much better on the new diet and she is no longer a conehead. However, she got a secondary bacterial infection on her chin result of wearing the e-collar so long, so she is getting ointment on her chin twice a day. She has mixed feelings about this as it is soothing, but she has to object on general principles.


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There isn't a contractor alive that gets the job done on time or on budget. Last summer it took four and a half weeks to install the tile floor they swore would only take a week and a half. If they had lingered one more day there would have been crime scene tape around my house. The only consolation I can give is that the results will be worth the stress.


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